Jan Lazzara
Vice President
Joanelle Cook
Sheila Edginton
Gina Massolo
Membership Secretary
Jacqueline Milburn
Immediate Past Pres.
Desiree Kuhn
Hylah Egeland-Umphress - 2025
Allen Harrison - 2025
Don Clyde - 2024            
Steve Lombardi - 2024
David Higginbotham – 2026
Teresa Vandal - 2026


Barn Stall Board

Paddock Board

Trailer Space

Pay For Your Boarding & Trailer Space

All boarders must be members to board at NVHA.  Membership does not Guarantee you will be able to board.  Our barn is full now, but there is a waiting list as well.




Speed limit is 5 MPH Please watch your speed

  1.  No smoking  around the barn or pastures.
  2.  Barn hours are generally  from sunup to sundown, however it is understood that access before and after may be necessary and will be considered acceptable.
  3.  All instructors MUST provide a certificate of insurance with NVHA added as additional insured & sign a waiver.  No exceptions.
  4. Children must be supervised at all times.
  5.  Non NVHA members are not allowed at the barn or on NVHA property unless it is a show/public day or a prearranged volunteer day. Farriers/Vets and others with their own business insurance are exempt from this exclusion and MAY provide services at the property.
  6. You must pick up after your horse around the barn area.  If outside this area, please broadcast manure when you are finished riding, this includes the arena, round pen, pathways and the driveway.
  7.  Permanent trailer parking located at the front of the property and available upon request and approval by the board – at the current monthly prevailing rate– pick up and drop off can be done on the west side of the barn.  Please do not block driveways with trailers.
  8.  No tying horses to the pipe panels or the supports for the overhangs.
  9. When riding into pastures, close all gates that you open immediately after going through . Leave gates open that you find open between pastures.
  10. Please do not use another boarder’s tack or equipment without permission. Respect each others paddock/stall/feed and storage area.
  11. Do not modify, move or add to any structure, fence or paddock .
  12. Dogs must be on a leash when horses are being handled. clean up  after your dog
  13. All horses shall be up-to-date on required vaccinations