Our Beginnings
On November 2, 1944, the Club voted to buy 17 acres in the Alta Heights area from Walter Lutge and Mrs. Elsa Moore (price not known). This spot was quite rural at the time. Great plans were made for a clubhouse and arena when money was saved. But development interfered with those dreams. As entered in our ledger, on January 31, 1948, a portion was sold to the City of Napa for $500, which is now a part of the Alta Heights Reservoir. 

In May 1948, another parcel was sold to J. A. Osborne for $12,336.46. He subdivided it into the present site of the Latter Day Saints Church and 41 surrounding lots. Also in May, a third parcel was sold for $3,693.03 to Charles Julian, who subdivided it into 11 lots. The final piece went to the Napa School District in 1948 for $1,620. This is now the eastern portion of the Alta Heights School property.

This turnover of property enabled the Club in August 1948 to purchase from Andrew Sheveland 31.90 acres and the milking barn that formerly housed a string of 100 Holstein cows for $19,l00. This acreage was originally a part of the Spreckles Stock Farm.

Then, with many, many hours of hard work on the part of our members, the barn was remodeled into the present clubhouse. An item of interest: the concrete watering trough was kept intact, filled with dirt and made into the large attractive planter that now acts as a divider between the main hall and the bar.

Gina Massolo
Vice President
Theresa Clyde
Sheila Edginton
Jan Lazarra
Membership Secretary
Debbie Hamilton
Immediate Past Pres.
Mark Evans
Michelle Mendoza - 2021
Dennis Makemson – 2021
Allen Harrison - 2022
Desiree Kuhn - 2022
Irene DeWeese – 2023
Stephanie Davis - 2023