Original Arena having all the sand removed  to buigin the construction of the new arena

The Painted Ladies Rodeo Performers was the last event held in the Old Arena

The Painted Ladies Rodeo Performers was the last event held in the New Arena

Original Arena Built in the early '50s

Completed Arena Project.  Has sound system and irrigation to keep the sand moist during clinics and shows

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Gina Massolo
Vice President
Mark Evans
Sheila Edginton
Suzanne Javorina
Membership Secretary
Sarah Linkeheil
Immediate Past Pres.
Mark Evans


Jonnie Hagan - 2019
Irene DeWeese - 2019
Michelle Mendoza - 2020
Dennis Makemson – 2020
Allen Harrison - 2021
Desiree Kuhn - 2021

Leveling and filling site for new arena April 2016

New Arena Proposal

After considering many factors such as what type of arena events do we want and what would be the best type of fence to meet the requirements for these events, the arena committee recommends that the 6 rail cattle panels be used to construct our new arena.

While there has not been any team penning or other events using cattle, the committee believes that the cattle panels give use the best options, since it is a very sturdy product that will meet the requirements for any type of horse show, including dressage, gaited horses, reining as well as barrel racing and gymkhana.

Having a six rail fence will make the arena a very safe place to show horses and have clinics and will allow easy viewing of these events.  The original arena fence was constructed in 1949 and the walls were solid rather that open like most arenas. The arena also had bleachers that allowed the view to be high enough that they could see the entire arena with out difficulty.

Both arenas being used as evacuation point during the fires of October 2017


              CELEBRATING 80 YEARS