Special Event

Arena Guidelines
 Remember this is YOUR club and you are welcome to come out and ride anytime! That said, remember there are a few rules we must all live by to make it a happy and safe place to ride.
  • MEMBERS ONLY on the property unless it is a public day, such as a horse show, poker ride or clinic.
  • Your dogs are welcome to join you, but if others are working with their horses, you should keep your dogs on a leash or otherwise contained. (Just because your dog is "horse-friendly" does not mean the horses are dog-friendly.) Please keep track of your dog and make sure it is not harassing any of the animals.
  • Close any gate that you open.
  • Clean up after you and your horse.
  • Be courteous to other members.

                                                                                                     Photo by: South China News
Napa Valley Horsemen's Association is committed to helping our fellow horsemen. NVHA is an evacuation point for horses, goats and sheep. We will house and care for any animal that has been evacuated from the Rocky Fire and Jerusalem Fire. Housing for these animals involves a great deal of fund to properly care for the animal. We have a donation fund for the Rocky Fire and any donated materials or funds will be given to the  Lake Evacuation and Animal Protection Group. 

Donation Amount

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