2016 Officers

  Mark Evans
Vice President
Gina Massolo

Alyssa Weytjens

Sheila Edginton 
Membership Secretary

Desire Khun
Immediate Past Pres

Irene DeWeese
Jonnie Hagan
Betsy MacDonald
Dennis Makemson
Gary Margadant
Carrie Wren

Contact  707-266-6365


     Mark your Calendar! Fun Night is Back starting Thursday May 10th

Grass is two feet high and still growing

Fire Season Is Here! Now is the time to start removing vegetation around the barn and house. Last year was a devastating fire season for Northern California.Our neighbors in Lake County suffered losses of homes, businesses and animals. Protect your family, yourself and your animals.

Rocky Fire in Lake County, California July 30, 2015. Photo by Max Whittaker/Reuters

Arena Guidelines
 Remember this is YOUR club and you are welcome to come out and ride anytime! That said, remember there are a few rules we must all live by to make it a happy and safe place to ride.
  • MEMBERS ONLY on the property unless it is a public day, such as a horse show, poker ride or clinic.
  • Your dogs are welcome to join you, but if others are working with their horses, you should keep your dogs on a leash or otherwise contained. (Just because your dog is "horse-friendly" does not mean the horses are dog-friendly.) Please keep track of your dog and make sure it is not harassing any of the animals.
  • Close any gate that you open.
  • Clean up after you and your horse.
  • Be courteous to other members.
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