Prisoner Trained Mustangs for Adoption 

The Painted Ladies Rodeo Performers Return to Mustang Days 2018. 

Mustang Days 2018

NVHA Mustang Days 2018  June 15-17 2018
Do something Wild! Come to Napa Mustang Days 2018. Learn about wild horses and burros, meet gentle formerly wild horses and donkeys up close and personal, enjoy the Saturday Showcase featuring Grand entry, adoption of saddle-trained horses by the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center's Wild Horse Program, and an exciting variety of performing horse and donkey acts. Best yet, you can even adopt one of these Living Legends from the Bureau of Land Management! The BLM will bring 40 healthy wild horses, who have been removed from our public lands. Even if you can't adopt, come and watch them!

Rio Consumnes Correctional Facility                                Prisoner Trained Mustangs for Adoption   “They’re put in a situation where they have to learn leadership skills and they learn about themselves and their anger management and their patience,” ranch manager Joe Misner said. “It changes their thought process on how to handle situations that happen in their lives.”

              CELEBRATING 83 YEARS

Lesley Neuman is a gifted trainer with a rare ability to understand, communicate with, and gentle wild and unhandled horses


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Bobby Kerr & Ponchowon the PRCA's Dress Act of the Year, is coming to Napa Mustang Days 2018!